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Well as many of you have heard that Charlotte Motor Speedway has requested that Sons of Thunder Ministry, Inc stop transporting handicappped and bottle ly) folks at the track.  Chariots for Jesus had been an important part of that track for many years.  But, the track representative said "they have a new ministry that can handle our ministry and therefore they no longer needed us.

Chariots for Jesus is still working in various locations around the community and recently requested that the Balloon Ralley allows Chariots for Jesus to work with the Charity in the future.

Looking forward to our continued service at the Mountain Creek Speedway, The Charlotte Expo, CPLMS/CCMS, and Millbridge Speedway if needed. 

We pray that folks continue to support the ministry as we try to help other needs in the community.

Our mission in Bimini may become a reality and maybe need our help for their small community. That island was hit hard by the bad weather that came across the island.


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07.07 | 05:15

Praise the Lord servants of God,
I am a fellow servant of God from Kenya,my prayer request is that the Lord may open away so that we become part and parcel of your ministry and work together.

02.07 | 16:49

How is Matthew doing? Hope things are going well for him. I just retired again from the UMC and now I am still serving at the track ministries.

21.06 | 01:30

Hello pastor buddy it's Matthews father he is the young preacher u meant a few times he even preached

27.03 | 01:28

God's word is more important than ever.

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