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Study on Re-Churching the Unchurch (George Barna)



If you are a first-time visitor to this website I welcome you in the name of Jesus!   

 well all schedules have been changed!  The event that has taken over is call Coronavirus and it is in some way touching everyone.  I asking everyone to realize that this is no joke and is in no way to be taken lightly.  I understand I serve a gracious God, but He gave us a brain and the ability to come to some understanding of what is going to work to get us through this virus.

IF you do not have Our Daily Bread that we offer members each month I am willing to use that book to get you a message daily or at least a couple of days a week. Our STM ministry gives out monthly this information.  Let me know if you would like this time of devotion 

I am thankful and grateful that  STM will able to have a presence this year by having a kart to enter a few races . ( NO need to panic folks, it is not me) I gave everyone a chance to see that I look better when I am in a bigger vehicle. 


                                             STM Board of Directors for 2021

Hugh R Compton

Almonta Compton

Richard Von Compton

Luke Brown


                                           Goals for STM to help in 2021

To continue helping folks that have personal needs

1.  children's ministry in Jamaica  (served 150 Kids )  (Check)

2. Charlotte Motor Speedway 

3.  Shriners Hospital

4.  Special needs

5.  UMAR

6.  Mountian Creek Speedway

7.  Serving as team Chaplin for the Carolina Pro Late Model Series for 2021 and the CCMS


                                   All of this is possible through your donations


Sons of Thunder Ministry, Inc. Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We are called by God to reach out and serve others in Christ name. It is through the guidance of the Holy Spirit that we humbly serve a God of love.

Welcome to our Ministry, check us out!!

Buddy Compton (preacherbuddy)

STM is making a change in ministry.
Race Ready $8,000.00 (new motor)

Give us a call at the number above

Chariots for Jesus worked well at the Charlotte Expo and we transported hundreds of fans at Atlanta and at the two races at the Charlotte Motor Speedway

We all stand the same at the foot of the cross

Reaching out to God as He reaches down to you.